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Nothing But NET!

Easily add $47,000 per year to your bottom line with no additional overhead

How to Survive and thrive in a fast changing market place

Find out how to:
  1. Diversify your business.

  2. Earn additional income. (Average $689 per mortgage transaction)

  3. Cross-sell additional products.

  4. Give clients value added service.

  5. Increase client retention.

  6. Attract new clients.

Hello, I’m Mark Wells,  

J. Mark Wells

Come take a look at what 305 CPA and Financial Planning Firms have found:  a simple and profitable value added service , that retains existing clients and brings in new ones.  How many times has a client asked you to provide tax returns or financial statements because they were seeking a mortgage loan for their personal home or their business?  And how many times did they walk out the door into the hands of a bank  who then tried to divert them from the core business relationship you had with your client?  Instead of losing a client, why not gain new ones on a steady basis, while earning healthy commissions from each transaction? 

 Mortgages – Here are some surprising statistics, 68% of all Americans own their own home,  20% of all current homeowners will need a mortgage in the next 12 months due to a move, a refinance, building a new house, buying a second home or investing in rental homes.  That means that if you have a current client base of 500 people, 340 already own houses, 68 of them will need a new mortgage in the coming year.  At an average net commission of $689 for each mortgage you do, your bottom line could grow by $47,000.  How much time commitment does it take?  One of our major CPA firms did a year long study of their mortgage generation business using our Network and found that the average loan took a grand total of 1 hour 22 minutes of a clerical employee’s time. That’s 93 hours to generate $47,000 in revenues. I know you can do the rest of the math. 

 Add to the residential business, the capacity to do commercial loans for your self-employed clients, and you can see why so many companies have joined Advisor Mortgage Network.. 

 But look, there are several ways to diversify your business.  How can you know if this will work for you?  Very simply, try one loan. Your clients will be thrilled that you now have access to over 500 highly competitive loan products and can assist them with the biggest financial transaction that they’ll ever make.    Take a second and read our TESTIMONIALS see what other CPA’s and Financial Planners have to say about Advisor Mortgage Network  - then come join us. 


Mark Wells, President
Advisor Mortgage Network


Offer Mortgage Lending to your clients and earn additional income

We Offer:
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  • Continuing Education Programs
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  • Simplified loan process
  • Fast Closings
  • Generous Commissions

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  • Purchase a First Home
  • Consolidate Debt
  • Secure Commercial
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