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Nothing But NET!

Enhance you Employee Benefits
by offering your employees
the Workplace Mortgage Benefit Program!

See how to keep your employee benefit  plan ahead of the competition

Find out how to:
  1. Boost your company's recruiting effort.

  2. Increase employee loyalty and retention.

  3. Increase employee productivity

  4. Save your employees money on mortgage transactions
    (Average savings of $400 per mortgage transaction)

Hello, Im Mark Wells,  

J. Mark Wells

As cost associated with comprehensive employee benefit programs continue to rise, this no-cost, turn-key, voluntary employee benefit program is a great addition to your current benefit offering.  Our program is a wonderful way to bring a valuable service in-house and enhance your company's recruiting efforts, increase employee retention, and support employee productivity.

The best part is that there will be minimal work for you!  We provide all employee communication materials, and even offer on-site education seminars to teach employees about mortgage financing programs and products!

The Workplace Benefit Program provides you and your employees with confidential, personalized attention and a high-level of service.  We offer a wide range of products and programs to suit each individual needs.  And best of all, once you have completed the registration form and returned it, your employees can immediately begin to use this beneficial program.

Your employees will experience:

  1. $400.00 savings on all mortgage transactions including refinances, purchases, consolidation loans and equity lines.

  2. Priority Closings.

  3. Educational seminars :  Home buying basis, How to buy a home with NO MONEY down.

  4. Same day approvals.

  5. Free credit reports with application.
    So, REGISTER NOW and begin to save your employees money!!!
    Take a second and read our TESTIMONIALS see what other Human Resource Specialists have to say about Advisor Mortgage Network & the Workplace Mortgage Program- then come join us. 


Mark Wells, President
Advisor Mortgage Network


Offer Mortgage Services to your employees
to enhance your employee benefit program

We Offer your employees:
  • Free Consolidation Analysis and Term reduction programs
  • Priority loan processing and state of the art approval systems
  • Personalized, confidential service
  • Experience, knowledgeable staff dedicated just to your employees
  • Advice on employees' current and future needs
  • Educational seminars

Leap Into Action

Help your Employees to:
  • Save money by refinancing to augment retirement savings
  • Purchase a First Home
  • Consolidate Debt

Finish First!

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